12V rechargeable lithium ion battery


12V rechargeable lithium ion battery

Battery: 18650 12.6v Battery pack Capacity: As per selection Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-on battery. Input Voltage: 12.6 V Output voltage: 11.1 – 12.6v DC Output Current: About 1-3A Product’s life: charge and discharge circulation over 1000 Basic Information – Cell count: 3 – Cell type: 18650 – Configuration: 3 sets in series 1 sets in parallel(3S1P) Built-in BMS protection,With overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection – Pack: Brick,Blue PVC – Width: 20mm – Height: 68mm – Length: 55mm * Manual measurement, there will be deviations. Energy – Nominal Voltage: 11.1V – Output Voltage Range: 11.1v – 12.6 by test conditions (eg, temperature, wire loss, test equipment, test parameters, etc.), please perform multiple tests and take the average of the results to reduce the deviation. At a temperature of 25 ° C, the deviation between the pure resistance discharge test result and the nominal data is controlled within ±10%, which is normal. Charging – Charge mode: CC CV – Use a S Lithium-ion battery dedicated charger to charge up to 8.4v – Charge current 2A max Discharge – Continuous discharge current 5A – Instantaneous discharge current 7A



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