16×2 LCD display module


16×2 LCD display module

LCD 16×2 is an electronic device that is used to display data and messages. As the name suggests, it includes 16 Columns & 2 Rows so it can display 32 characters (16×2=32) in total & every character will be made with 5×8 (40) Pixel Dots. So the total pixels within this LCD can be calculated as 32 x 40 otherwise 1280 pixels. It is very useful in circuit specific circuit designs or projects where the data needs to be visible on the screen. Without having to use a monitor, it can show the required data on its display accordingly.



A LCD display module has 16 pins:-
1. GND (the ground pin)
2. VCC (connected to 5v pin)
3. Vo (for attaching potentiometer)
4. RS (used for selecting if either commands or data is being sent)
5. R/W (toggle between read and write)
6. E (enable pin)
7. 7-14 D0-D7 (data pins)
8. Anode
9. Cathode


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