4 wheeled Car chassis with motors and wheels


4 wheeled Car chassis with motors and wheels

It comes with four pairs of Geared Motors and Wheels. All the products included in this car kit are quality products. The chassis used in this Longer version of 4 WD Double Layer Smart Car Chassis Kit is transparent to create dynamic handling of the components mounted on your robotic vehicle.



Package includes:
2 x Acrylic Transparent car floor
4 x High-Quality 65-mm Plastic wheels with Rubber Grip
4 x Dual shaft 200 RPM BO Gear Motor
4 x Coded Disk
8 x Acrylic Fasteners
1 x 4-AA Battery Holder
8 x Connecting Cable(Red and Black, Length: 20 cm each)
6 x M3 Brass Stand-Off
6 x M3 Cross-Head Bolt (Length: 8 mm )
8 x M3 Cross-Head Bolt (Length: 30 mm )
16 x M3 Nut


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