LDR module


LDR module

LDR (light dependent resistor) module is a sensor module which is used to detect the presence of light or to measure its intensity. It is simply a resistor which potentiates with the intensity of light. The output of the module becomes higher and higher as the presence of light increases and vice versa. The sensitivity of the signal can be adjusted using a potentiometer.




A LDR module has 4 pins:-
1. VCC: +5 v power supply Input Pin
2. GND: Ground (-) power supply Input Pin
3. DO: Digital Output Pin
4. AO: Analog Output Pin

Other than pins, it has the following components:-
1. Light Dependent Resistor
This is the part of the module which does the actual work of detecting the intensity of light
and working as a resistor.
2. Variable Resistor (Trim pot)
This part is used to vary the sensitivity of the LDR.
3. Power LED
This indicates if the power is reaching the LDR module or not.
4. Output LED
When the LDR sensor detects the light, the output LED is turned on. When the LDR sensor detects
darkness, the output LED is turned off.


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